What are Terpenoids

Difference Between Terpenes and Terpenoids
A terpene is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon based on combinations of the isoprene unit. Terpenoids are compounds related to terpenes, which may include some oxygen functionality or some rearrangement, however the two terms are often used interchangeably

What Is Bisabolol Terpene And How is It Used?

In the world of aromatics, the oils and alcohols that make up millions of smells, the terpenes comprise a large number of plant extracts used for medicinal purposes. Everything from cannabinoids to chamomile are loaded with terpenes of many different types, aromas, and uses. These oils and fragrances are used to make perfumes and also mixed together and used in aromatherapy. There are also many of them that can be used to alleviate pain, eczema, and other skin conditions when used externally. Bisabolol Terpene has a light, sweet floral aroma and is known to have antimicrobial with useful anti-inflamatory and anti-irritant effects. Bisabolol Terpene has also shown to be a pro-apoptotic agent for acute leukemia cells.

Bisabolol Terpene Is A Common Aromatic Oil

Bisabolol is usually refined from the German chamomile plant and is used in many different concoctions. Since it is very insoluble in water it must be mixed with alcohols in order to use it successfully. Once mixed with alcohol it is then able to be mixed with both water and glycerine to make lotions, perfumes, and rubs.

Once processed it has a floral smell and is usually mixed with other fragrances to make the basic scents for perfumes. It has also been added quite frequently to cosmetic lotions because of its ability to heal and protect the skin. At a protectant it is known to be anti-microbial, killing many harmful bacteria and fungi. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties make it very useful as an exterior skin rub where it can soak in and relieve joint pain. It has been used on knees, wrists, backs and necks frequently by itself and mixed with other healing herbs and oils.

Bisabolol Terpene Is Known To Assist Absorption Of Other Molecules

Another reason that Bisabolol is used in so many medicinal applications is that it is known to help the absorption of many other types of molecules. The skin's main purpose is to provide a barrier to outside intrusion into the body, everything from foreign chemicals, bacteria, dirt, and even excess water. This makes it difficult to apply any kind of healing herbs, medicines, or aromatherapies without some kind of percutaneous absorption ingredient such as Bisabolol Terpene.

Bisabolol Is Also Produced By Many Marijuana Strains As Well

Many, but not all, marijuana strains also produce this terpene and some people prefer its scent and qualities. The marijuana strains known to have larger amounts are the Pink Kush, OG Shark, Rockstar, Master Kush, ACDC, and the Harle-Tsu strains.

Since its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties also work well when inhaled in smoke, plenty of chronic pain sufferers seek out the marijuana strains that have higher concentrations. Chronic pain due to joint problems, cancer, and other conditions is one of the major reasons for the medical marijuana industry's origins. These healing properties have helped to make the marijuana industry as a whole more popular with many of its detractors and they've become ill as they age and suffer pain. Since the actions of terpenes is different than opioids, NSAID's and other pain killers it can safely be mixed without complications.

If you do suffer from some kind of chronic pain, you should possibly check into using some kind of terpene in your therapy. It's usually inexpensive, can be made at home, and also effective when added to other medications that use other pathways to block pain.